Proper Playground Clothing Co. was started in February of 2012 by Sarah Sulu Boan and Johnny Thorne Transforma in order to offer clothing with a heart and soul vibrational purpose. Every article of clothing we make is focused around divinity and beauty, especially within the realm of Sacred Geometry. We figure one’s clothing should always be a reflection of his or her own self, which is why one of Proper Playground’s main focuses is to provide our customers with “cosmic armor” in a sense, for each article is a representation of how we are all connected, beautiful, and unique… yet the same all at once. We do all of our printing by hand. In doing so, we are able to ensure that no two prints are ever fully the same for any article of clothing. This process is why we call our wares YOUnique, for anyone who purchases a Proper Playground Clothing Co. item is and will always be the only individual with that exact piece of art.


Our name derives from the reality that within each of us exists an eternal childlike flame that sparks the realization of how magical the world can be. This internal eternal flame is what allows us, as adults, to view the world with a sense of wonder and curiosity much like how we used to when we were children. The world IS our Proper Playground and it is our soul purpose and duty to explore, love, respect and protect our Playground. Life is the most precious and blessed of all gifts, yet for so many individuals life has become something to be fearful of and complicated to love. Although we are merely a clothing company it is our mission to help rekindle and fuel that internal childlike flame so all can reconnect with that beautiful sense of wonder and be reminded of how mystical and blissful our world and existence truly is. Our vision is to have all ages from infants to the elderly wearing Proper Playground Clothing. We also aim to spark curiosity about Sacred Geometry within those who do not already know of its existence and beauty. Learning about Sacred Geometry morphed our entire perspective on and in life, which is why we feel it is our duty to spread knowledge of its beauty and the explanation it provides about our connectedness with one another, as well as our connectedness to all living things, our world and the universe.

               Another mission of Proper Playground Clothing Co. that is very dear to our hearts is to help those in our community, or as we call it “phamily,” expand and grow on a global scale as well. We are beyond blessed to know an incredible amount of talented artists and know there are endless others we will come into contact with in the future. It is our vision to share their art with our customers in order to expand our soul phamily’s reach and, in turn, share the wonderful gift of art with one another. We have a saying that, “it can never be lonely at the top, for we are all going to be there together” and that pretty much sums up our vision for all of our futures. We are dedicating a portion of our website to “Phamily,” which is where we will blog about/provide links to artists we find to be inspiring. Our hope is that our customers can come to our page not only to purchase clothing, but also to discover their next favorite visual artist/jeweler/band/festival/etc. We also hope that by having this site we too can discover amazing new artists via you our amazing customers! We are all in this crazy experience together, so it is up to us to aid in one another’s growth.


We greatly appreciate you taking the time to read our Mission section and deeply hope to connect with each of you at some point in the future. May all your days be luminous and joyous… Bless!